Monday, November 15, 2010

What should I do?

I've been a situation a couple of times where I think a guy had an erection (one time I felt tons of heat coming of a my partner's groin, then thought I felt something). Once when I KNEW he did. What should I do? In cases where I thought it, I just kept training. When I knew, it was a kid and he was way embarrassed

I'm just not sure if this is a situation where I should say something.


  1. I would have thought "just keep training" is probably the best option. If you then go for a submission etc, I'm guessing their mind would soon be occupied with more pressing concerns, which should hopefully solve the problem.

    There don't seem to be many alternatives. As far as I can tell, the other options are basically:

    - Stop, look at each other awkwardly, then blush a lot. Probably not a good idea, as that will almost certainly make things worse by drawing attention to it.

    - Make a joke out of it. This could work, depending on the person. If it is a kid, they're likely to be humiliated and never train with you again. If it is someone more at ease with themselves, they might see the funny side.

    Still, "just keep training" continues to sound like the best option.

  2. Seriously though, groins are hot, that's just biology. And so is getting an erection. It can happen just from the increase in blood pressure. It doesn't mean your partner is molesting you in his mind or anything. If he says anything inappropriate, that's different, but chances are it's nothing. I train with super hot girls and have never had a problem with that, but these things happen. If he says or does something inappropriate though, definitely tell your teacher, and a parent if you're a minor.

  3. I think you should suggest to your training partners that they wear a cup. If it's too embarrassing to talk to someone directly, (that kid, especially), ask the instructor to talk to him and suggest he wear a cup, and explain why. While some guys don't find this piece of equipment necessary, it certainly helps make things less awkward. Of course, you are going to feel a guy's cup at times, which can be painful.